Dear Gentlemen, here we are happy to represent you the Testimonials of the customers who have found their soulmates with the help of the Marriage Making Agency. Here they express their opinion, experience and suggestions for those who are looking for a second half in another country and appreciation to the company and the staff.

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Thank Confidential Connections for their help.

I am just ready to return to England after spending 8 wonderful days with the girl of my dreams. We met through Confidential Connections in around April of 2006 and I knew almost immediately that She was the one for me. The Kharkov office, in particular Svetlana the interpreter has been of enormous help and I can see how the Agency looks after and cares of clients like a family.

My Lady had to spend 3 weeks in hospital and the Agency was fantastic. They called her every day and gave the Lady my letters, they dictate them for her to enable her to continue our correspondence.

I had many bad experiences with the agencies before, dealing with this one and from these experiences with only ever recommend Confidential Connections to anyone. Despite the lack of English initially, the availability of Interpreters and home based English lessons has been of enormous help.

I look forward tremendously to my next visit in around a month time when hopefully a wedding announcement may not be far. I cannot wait to spend the rest of my life with the Girl of MY DREAMS ! And thank Confidential Connections for their help.

STEPHEN BREESE /10 oktober 2006
Visited Kharkov

Privyet Elena(trip coordinator)!

Privyet Elena(trip coordinator)!

Spasiba!! thank you for the wonderfull time that I had in Kharkov!! I still think of it every day!! Yes specialy since I met Elena and the other wonderfull ladies!!

Please give my thanks to your other office staff,they have made my stay and the their help a unforgetable experience!!

As I will be away from next Wednesday the 19th I hope as I told you that I can log in on the site from Dubai. And answer the mails if it is possible. I hope to see you and the staff in the near future! But I do not think that it will be in the next period.

Maybe the one after that? I am not sure about it but will let you know far in advance.

With thanks and with the best regards, Hein.

Hein Op den Velde /06 14 2006
Visited Kharkov

Chris Huston /7 July 2006
Trip to Lugansk 10 days

Paul Beaird /1 August 2006
Trip to Kharkov 6 days

Jim A /25 July 2006
Visited Kharkov

Stanton Dorsett /7 - 19 June 2006

Greg Zimmerman /June 2006

Craig Landrith /1 June 2006

Jerry Lage /31 May 2006

Lastest Teslimonial: I have just thought up some lyrics to express my gratitude for the staff at CC!

Dear All,

I have just thought up some lyrics to express my gratitude for the staff at CC!...

Confidentintial Connections,
Will find the girl of your dreams
And affections.
lovely ladies galore
Guys, what are you waiting for
Don't worry, they will answer your questions!!

Thank you, C C
for the happiness,
you have brought to me,
You are the best decision
That I've ever made
from my memory,
you will never fade!

I hope you will like it?


John McAdie /29 May 2006

Mike Spurgeon /20 May 2006

John Dieter /05 Apr 2006

Lastest Teslimonial: I will be lucky and have one who likes me

I have been pleasently suprised my the amount of e mails i have recieved.

There are so many beautiful woman to choose from if the ladies who have written to me and read this i will be writing to them very shortley,and perhaps i will be lucky and have one who likes me and arrange a trip to visit thank you regards roddy x

Roddy black /06 Mar 2006

Lastest Teslimonial: For all the guys who read this, go to CC, their service is excellent

Hi folks!

I was 2 times in Kharkov to meet those wonderful ladies from Ukraine and was really good supervised by the CC-personal there.

Especially this wonderful girl Victoria, who now is part of the translator team, supported me in all occasions, even in private manner.

For all the guys who read this, go to CC, their service is excellent, and if you go to Kharkov, ask for Viktoria as translator, she is marvelous, in job and in private, I can even call her a friend now.

Thank you CC, to have this wonderful personal, and...take care of them, they are worth it.


Marco Schiltz /03 Mar 2006

I know definitely that you are for real!

I thank you ever so much for your wonderful site, and the sheer professionalism and complete courtesy you provide for the members.

I know definitely that you are for real. During the last 5 days I have been corresponding with lady, we are getting on so well,she answers every question I ask her and we have so much in common, and I plan to come to visit her late September!

I watched her video, and something clicked inside me, I knew immediately that she is the lady I want to be with for the rest of my life!!

Still I was almost in tears when I had to leave, as I fell in love with your wonderful country! I knew my soulmate was somewhere in Ukraine.

Now, I have found her!

Thank you to everyone at CC! :-)

John McAdie /25 Feb 2006

My time there was very pleasant, and I meet some really nice people there!

Dear Elena: I can't thank you enough for all of your help and hospitality while I was in Kharkov. To see your bright face when I got to the airport was a very comforting feeling, and I knew right away that I was in good hands with CC.

My time there was very pleasant, and I meet some really nice people there. Staz was the best I liked his transtaling for me, I felt very comfortable with him.

Thanks to you I met a very special lady and I hope it may become much more!!! I will be returning to your city soon when the weather has warmed. I have just left there and I am already missing it.

I hope to see you all soon, tell every one there, hello for me, and a happy valentines day to you and all the lovely ladies.


Bryan Angelle /14 Feb 2006

Why do I love Ukraine so well?

Dear readers, I am an American, but I've been living since 1985 in Europe (Mostly Germany). Although I have not become a member of this (C.C.) Agency yet, I do read their emails always. Many of you men have never been abroad, much less to Ukraine or any former Soviet Country. Me? My first trip to Ukraine was in October and November 2000 (I drove there in my car and loved it so much, I stayed 6 weeks!!!). And since then, I've returned more than 50 times to Ukraine and stayed from 3 to 9 weeks each trip.

Why do I love Ukraine so well? THE PEOPLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The customs, culture and the ways "PEOPLE HAVE HEART"...so much UNLIKE the Western Countries. My trips were always for business. Now I have a Partner office in Ukraine and plan to open 2 more in the coming future. And now, finally, I am ready to find my wife...IN UKRAINE.

I've been in EVERY COUNTRY in West and East Europe, Russia included. My favorite places in all the World are Ukraine (EVERY OBLAST .. an Oblast is equivalent to a COUNTY in the usa).. and also Romania & Bulgaria...and Moscow is also wonderful. However, Ukraine remains my # 1 Country and it is all due to the People. I've known other Agencies. THIS Agency seems very much the finest of all. And, I plan to join as a paying member soon and see if they help me find my dream woman that I will marry. They seem very professional and yes, all what I've read is absolutely true.

I'm not sure they'll post my comments? But if they do, I say thanks to them & to all you who plan to visit Ukraine in search of the woman for love. MANY FOREIGN MEN go to Ukraine for wrong reasons & with wrong intentions and seek out many women for a sex vacation. PLEASE DO NOT EMBARRASS the rest of us who are serious. There are no finer people, than the Ukrainian people. The entire Country has my respect, from story after story of my own personal experiences there. I've never had a guide or a translator or anyone pre-planned to help me there, but nevertheless, anytime & everytime I've ever been in a situation that I NEEDED HELP...I got it without asking! Welcome to Ukraine & I am sure you will enjoy your stay, no matter what city or town you go to. Just dont' expect any miracles. Love comes from the heart, not your wallet. If you & your lady do not "click" in person, well, it wasn't meant to be. Keep looking. You'll find each other.

Best regards & "Hats Off" to the people of this site!

Henry Smith (Hank) /30 Jan 2006

I want to thank her and the others in your organization for a job well done

My recent trip to lugasnk unearthed one of the most wonderful people working for your organization.

She was attentive and very informative, and also very intelligent individual she adds a tremendous amount of prestige to your organization and very simple girl. Her name is Tatiana you know who she is and she is an inspiration to me she is just indespensible.

I want to thank her and the others in your organization for a job well done.

Thank you Tatiana the one and only.

Ted Pert /26 Jan 2006

I have a very pleasant time during my stay in the city

I just wanted to say thank you to all Zhitomir staff for all the help I got.

I have a very pleasant time during my stay in the city. They were very proffetional, and always willing to help so I can feel like at home. It was a very good experience meeting them and meeting the ladies, now time will tell weather I will find a future special friend amoung them or not.


Josue Farfan /24 Jan 2006

Issak Martin /10 Jan 2006


She has been a great reason to return to the city

I am not writing today to ask a question, but have felt that it is high time that you heard from me concerning your Lugansk office.

I have been to Lugansk a couple of times now as I seem to share some very important perspectives and emotions with a lady from your agency. It is lovely thing, but that I can now add to that how great it has been to have Jane, from your office there, as a friend now through it all.

She has been a great reason to return to the city and her input and help has made my budding relationship with your client just that much more solid and possible. She is a very valuable asset to your agency in that she is friendly, helpful, and honest.

I send you my best wishes in this Holiday season and an even greater thanks for having the opportunity to come to know such a fine person as you have in your employee Jane. It seems to me that her work in Lugansk makes the office possible.


Michael Gumiela /09 Jan 2006

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