Our Anti Scam policy

Dear Ladies and Gentlemen, there are thousands of sincere honest singles out there who dream to love and be loved.

Do not spend your time, money and feelings on scammers!

fights against scams and do our best to protect you!

You can see our special SCAM Gallery of ladies new!

We demand from all our customers that they adhere to the AntiScam Rules:

  • No agency allowed to post profiles of their customers on and ask our customers to pay for correspondence
  • No commercial service allowed to promote their business
  • Only real profiles of real people, no fake photos
  • No singles allowed to post profiles with a purpose other than establishing a personal relationship.
  • We warn our clients against the sending of money to female members, and we ask clients to inform the agency about ANY money request initiated by a female member, for any purpose.

To report a scam

send us a letter, using "Contact Us" form with your name, current email address and your story, provide us with the information proving scam or scamming intention and we will immediately remove a scammer from our website.

You must be aware of the fact that there are some individuals online who may try to extract from you some amount in cash playing on your feelings. Be cautious and be ready! Let us help you to avoid a situation when you'll lose your money and will be hurt and disappointed.


If you hold the first meeting in person OUT of our office we CANNOT assume any responsibility for your security, we cannot guarantee your safety as well the safety of your feelings or your money.

Financial Scam Technique

We want You to be able to protect yourself by learning how to spot the danger signs of scams. Common financial scam techniques are given below.

If a buyer promises a cashiers check/money order/Western Union that overpays you, and then requests that you wire the difference to them after keeping some for yourself, beware! Scamsters who adopt this method typically use forged or bogus checks, and it's not difficult to realize who's overpaying who.

If you receive an reply from someone in Africa/Nigeria/Abidjan who claims to have millions of dollars from a dead husband/father/brother and wants you to help get the money out of their country - it just sounds too good to be true! This is commonly known as the Nigerian 419 scam, and is named after the corresponding penal code of Nigeria.

If a seller offers his goods at an unbelievably low price, you should ascertain if he's credible. Some scamsters take your money and run, leaving you with nothing but a lighter wallet. Pay by credit card where possible. In most cases, you can dispute credit card charges for non-delivery of goods. You can also use an intermediary service such as escrow. For a small fee, an escrow service holds the payment, forwarding it to the seller only when the buyer has received the goods in working order. An escrow service will also act as a mediator in times of dispute.

Anti-Scam Guide for single men   We support Anti-scam program anti scam

Female Personal Scam Patterns

All scam patterns have similarities that are very easy to spot if you know what to watch out for:

  • Usually the contact originates from a personals site where anyone can place his/her ad for free. Most often it was not you who initiated the acquaintance; you received a letter from a lovely Ukrainian female who was interested in you. *Her* description of the partner is always very broad that will fit anybody - "kind intelligent man, age and race don't matter".
  • Sometimes *she* places a real nice discription and lovely, INNOCENT pictures, with honest eyes and kind smile. You will initiate the acquaintance.
  • It is always email correspondence; and letters are sent regularly, often every day; a new picture is sent with almost every letter.
  • *She* pretends she is not interested in your financial status, *she* does not use the word "financially secure" in her description of the desired partner.
  • Everything what *she* is looking for is a good personality.
  • Things move very fast, and *she* falls in love with you within 1-4 letters.
  • In her letters *she* talks a lot about trust, honesty and sincerity.
  • *She* does not answer your particular questions though she eagerly states she welcomes your curiosity.
  • Her financial situation is very bad - and she lets you know from the very beginning how little she earns, including the size of her salary even though you never asked about it.
  • In a few letters you will receive the information that *her* mom, dad, auntie or cat is sick, yes - cat! and she will be busy taking care of them. A smart one will not ask for money directly, but will put you in a situation that if you want to continue correspondence you have to support her.
  • If you really like the girl and tell her that you want to invite her to come visit you, next letter she will give you the information about visa, medical insurance, tickets. Prices will sound rather scary for you, like $300-500 for visa. a couple of thousand dollars for tickets, a few hundred dollars for insurance...
  • The majority of scam artists disappear after receiving money, some continue to be in touch, hoping to get more.

There are a lot of other "red" flags:

  • The most prominent is the fact that scammers don't really read your letters. They are too busy corresponding with all potential victims. They don't answer your questions. They don't remember what you have written - actually, they don't relate to the content of your letters at all. Those letters could be sent to anybody: "her" letters are pure monologue that becomes more and more obsessed with "her love" to you and her desire to be together with you despite of everything that separates you. There are usually sequences of letters, and they send the same messages to all their correspondents, one by one, making the only change - the man's name (usually it appears only once, or does not appear at all - *she* uses "sweetheart", "my love" etc instead). And of course sooner or later it will end in money request.
  • Dear Gentlemen: the above statements are not a rule, but patterns that we have experienced with online correspondence. We advise that you
    pay attention and be cautious!
  • You can also meet not only a scam master, but fun lovers. These ladies like to travel from one country to another, to spend three months with one guy then one month with another... All costs are paid, new country, new experience, lots of shopping - lots of fun! for her, but not for you if you truly look for long term relations. By the end of her trip, she will inform you that she is not ready to make a commitment and need some time to think it over or that she thinks that they do not compliment each other.
  • An average regular person can not easily leave the country for three months. If she is employed, it is almost impossible to get 3 months vacation there, even a student can not easily leave the university or college for this period.

Male Personal Scam Patterns

By now there is one pattern we are aware of - *he* places his profile on free dating sites and invites girls to come to his place and stay for a couple of months to see how it works. During this time period, his lady guest is doing her best to make him to like her - household, cooking, laundry, everything, sure free of charge and then - "good-bye" we are not good for each other. And then next "bride" and the following. This is probably the most difficult case to define if he is a "scammer" or not. But obviously the same pattern will work here - *he* will not be interested in a lady's personality, he will not answer all questions and will avoid to share his life details. *He* will like a lady real fast and will invite her to come to his place without any delays. Dear Ladies, again everything that is said above is not a rule, but we advise you to pay attention and be cautious!

Dear Ladies and Gentlemen, there are thousands of sincere honest people online who dream to love and be loved, who are truly looking for their soul mates and life partners.

Be causious, be smart, be lucky and you will find your dream date, best friend, passionate lover and caring loving life partner.

Example of abuse-letter what we received from our member

> To: abuse
> From: ---we-remove-email--@hotmail.com
> Name: Felix J.

> Question: Dear sirs;
> I have been corresponding with one of your ladies
> ( Ilona Garnyavaya 474 ) and even if you say that your ladies are only in
> your web site I foun this particular lady posted in several dating sites in
> Kharkov and what striked me is that in each of those she apears with a diferent
> age and I started to do a little research and she even apears in a anti scam
> site and is in its black lists of course I `m terminating any correspondence
> with her on fear that she or even your agency is a scam.

i do understand your fears. i will however tell you that i know her. i was
just in the kharkov office. i returned on now 11. the posting on the site is
from nov 8. ilona said she had just returned from florida after a relationship
had failed, she was just not in "love" with him. i asked her what was the
problem, she said the man was to demanding. i did not ask futher questions.

i also had a chance to look around the site and saw another lady on our
site. she also had a bad relationship with a man.

so to tell you, i knoiw these 2 ladies. they are both very popular. i also
know the site you sent me to has no way for the lady to reply and it is one
sided. i have only had 2 complanits with ilona over the time she had a membership.
one from a man who could not understand why after sending endless flowers,
she was not "interested in him" the other time was for asking a man for private
english lessons. in both times we had a talk with her and explained the rules
again. we never had a complaint again.

> one of the sites I found her is www.allukrainebeauties.com profile 308
> where she is 25 yo

she has asked to be removed, she was not. our site is updated monthly. if a
lady wants off, we WILL take her off. other sites need the #'s of girls to make
money. we are an honest agency.

> and the antiscam site I found her is www.uaprofiler.com and you look into
> the letter G and you will find her.

i saw it

> I also saw her profile on www.aukrainlady.com profile ai1614.
> where she is 26 yo .

cold not connect to this

> I also know the situation in ukraine and dont blame the girl that much
> since not many money or emotions where wasted but for you as an agency that
> prides in its reputation I belialibe this is very damaging as miself as a client
> will allways doubt wheter is the girl or the agency that is making the scam.

if you can base the reputation of our agency thru 2 ladys(one of my mention)
out of the 1200-1300 ladies we have , if we know a lady is a scam or we have
reports, we WILL remove her, thats a promise. please look around the anti
scams site, we are hardly EVER mentioned. we have over 50 employees and been in
buisness for over 4 years. so we are not a fly by night company or a scam
agency. we have live web cams, so you can see we are not just hiding behind the site
pages. if you do wish to cancel your membership, i will wish you the best of
luck in your search.


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