Ladies Membership Rules

Thank you for being a member of . Please, see the guidelines that should be followed when meeting the gentlemen that are visiting our agency.

Our ladies are registered with our offices in Kharkov, Chernigov, Lugansk, Zhitomir, Kherson, Kiev, Nikolaev, Berdichev, Ilyichevsk. If you live in these cities - write us and we will give you our addresses. You may come and register your profile in our agency. We are always glad to help you.

1. Lateness should be avoided whenever possible, remember- men have to travel 2,500 km to meet you.

2. If the man is late please try to understand that he is in a strange new place. Remember, most men don’t understand or read the language, so traveling maybe difficult for the man.

3. All gentlemen should be treated politely. Remember, you are a representative of our agency and your country. We do not want our clients to return home with bad experience.

4. You should not question the man about his meetings with other ladies. He has traveled a long way to visit ladies. Our agency wants a man to meet more than one lady on this trip. You may be that special person or maybe you are not. Please, remember- he came here to Ukraine to meet a right woman.

5. If a man invites you to go out for a dinner or go to a night club- please, don’t suggest him the most expensive place. Please ask him first where he would like to go and how fancy he would like the place to be. By suggesting the most expensive places to eat and drink to your man you may set an impression of a shallow person who is only interested in having a good time.

6. At the end of your date the man may offer you taxi money to get to your home. Remember, your date is not stupid, asking him a large amount of money is forbidden. Everybody knows the price of a taxi.

7. If at any time you feel that the man is being rude or abusive, please excuse yourself in a polite way. Leave immediately and go home. When you go out for a date, make sure that you have enough money with you to get home.

8. If you have any complaints or problems with any of the men, please bring it to the attention of our office managers and we will try to resolve it.

We wish you to enjoy the meeting with your man, but please, keep in mind that we are only an introduction agency. Love and marriage is up to you. Both of your should take part in building a relationship that will lead to marriage. If the man is not what you want, please, tell him sincerely and explain your decision. It’s not worth wasting his or your time. There are many other ladies in the agency as well as many other men whom you may contact and communicate. If you know of another lady who would be interested in acquaintance with this man- please, tell it to our managers and they will introduce her to him. Everyone has a right of choice and chance to be love and be happy!


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