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Some introduction services will send you alone into the great unknown to meet only a few ladies. You will be put into an apartment, exposed to great danger, inconvenience, and periods of isolation. This is not a trip! It's hit or miss at that point. At best, your local hosts will be grossly incompetent. If at all possible, please go within the safety and convenience of a trip where you will meet far more quality ladies.

Trips require a great deal of experience to perfect, and is the only trip company with a track record. We have plenty of references. Before you go on any trip, make sure you check references! European Connections has never canceled a trip and never will!

Travel Suggestions For Ukraine

Money: Take most of your money in cash. Take only bills with a series date of 1993 or later, as Ukrainians will not accept older bills. Do not take torn, faded, or worn bills or bills with writing on them. Plan on spending approximately $60.00 - $100.00 per day average. Take your Visa, MasterCard, or American Express as they are sometimes accepted and you will get a better rate of exchange by paying with a credit card. You can always get a cash advance if you need the extra money. Be sure to contact your credit card company, notifying them of your travel plans outside the country. Travelers checks are not advisable because there are only a few places where they can be exchanged for money and the exchange fees are high. Spread your risk, disperse your money throughout your garments inside a locked suitcase and some in a leg stash on your person. Remember the amounts in each location, and when making purchases, only retrieve the amount of money needed for that purchase. Try to get a safe deposit box at the hotel your in. Also you can pre send cash to yourself prior to your trip with Western Union.

Your photos: In preparation for meeting Ukrainian Ladies, have a good photograph taken of yourself, have many copies (at least 1 for each lady you will meet) made in aprox 3.5"w by 5"h format and print (or use labels) your contact information on the back. By giving your photo to the ladies you stand a much better chance of having them remember who you are several days or weeks in the FUTURE. If possible, take a Polaroid camera and plenty of film with you to the one on one meetings and take a picture of the ladies whom you have met and are interested in. You will meet so many ladies that after a couple of days you will forget who you met on the earlier one on one meetings. Have your interpreter at the meeting take a picture of both you and your ladies together so that in the Fiancee Visa / Immigration application process you can prove that you did in fact meet her in Ukraine. Take notes at the one on one meeting's, also have the ladies write in your note pad in both English and Russian her name, address, and home telephone number (Be Discreet; Don't have her write her information under the info retrieved from ladies you met previous to her).

Click for Kharkiv, Ukraine ForecastWeather: Take an umbrella and warm clothing! Weather is often unpredictable and can get very cold to extremely hot in the middle of the summer. Spring and Fall are typically cool to cold and it can even snow, so prepare accordingly. Take a comfortable pair of sneakers and jeans to beat around in, you will not look out of place. Do not take your expensive watch and expensive or flashy jewelry. Most Ukrainians are not very materialistic and they resent what they see as "rich" foreigners. Suggested gift items: Ukrainian ladies silk scarves, coffee, hand lotions, small cosmetic items, or costume jewelry. But, keep in mind Ukrainian ladies typically enjoy small but thoughtful gifts more than expensive things.

Medicines: Take over the counter medications such as aspirin, Tylenol, cough syrup, Alka Seltzer, antacid, anti-diarrhea compound, laxatives, throat lozenges, allergy medications, first aid cream, and the like. These will be difficult to find and quite expensive if you are able to find them in a "Ukrainian drug store". Keep all medicines in their original bottles and make sure prescription medicine is labeled as such. This will avoid problems at Ukrainian Customs. Take toiletries. If you connect with a favorite lady, before heading home you might consider leaving all of your over the counter medications with her as they are quite valuable but too expensive for the average Ukrainians. If you wear glasses or contacts, take a spare pair in your hand carried luggage.

Luggage: In your hand carried luggage, pack a survival kit with enough clothes and toiletries to last a couple of days (include on nice outfit to wear to 1st social) in case your luggage is misrouted. This especially occurs if you will be connecting through more than one city before your arrival. Airlines are usually good about getting your luggage delivered to your hotel the next day if it does occur to you. But, don't get caught unprepared.

Documents: Before you leave for Ukraine, photocopy all of your documents, and carry separately. Check your Visa and make sure the entry date coincides with the actual date of your arrival. If you have any questions contact your travel agent immediately till "Designated drinking buddies". Do not drink alcohol with people you do not know. Again, buddy up with a lady after dark, particularly if you do not speak any Russian. No exceptions. Do not get into a taxi that has more than one person (only the driver). If you are with a lady have her do the talking with the taxi driver to specify the destination and set a price. Be sure she set's a price for the ride before getting into the taxi. If your luggage or belongings are put into the trunk, do not exit the taxi until the driver gets out and opens the trunk, and leave the passenger door open until all of your property is removed.

Electricity: Hair dryers, electric shavers and a travel iron should be purchased with international conversion capability. Russia/Ukraine use the standard European(Ukraine) voltage of 220 volts, 50 cycles, and they use the standard European sockets which only accept the plugs which have two round pins. Voltage converters and plug adapters are necessary. Check your local hardware store, airport or travel store to purchase and get more information on supplies.

If you should become "lost": When you are in the city acquire a map of the subway (Metro) system (available everywhere) and keep it with your city map. If you should become "lost", most Ukrainians are friendly and if you do have a map, you can indicate to them that you are lost, you can point on the map to where you want to go, have them point to your current location, and then have them point you in the right direction. Almost all of the ladies you meet will be honored if you ask them to be your guide to the sights. It will be as exciting an adventure for them as it will be for you. These city streets are very safe when you use your head. But, you are a tourist in a foreign city, and vulnerable because you are unfamiliar with the language and the local customs. Just look confident and aware and use common sense.

Cameras, film, and batteries. As mentioned earlier, take a Polaroid camera with enough film for sixty or so pictures, for use as described. If you plan on doing any sight seeing at all, an inexpensive, good quality, 35MM, auto-focus, "point and shoot" type camera is recommended. Take plenty of film, as high speed (ASA-400, ASA-200). It is recommended that you do not take big, bulky, expensive, professional camera equipment unless you are a professional photographer going to Ukraine for that purpose only. Along with plenty of film, take batteries for everything battery powered, that you will be taking on the trip with you. Although, batteries are becoming very easy to find anywhere in the Ukraine, Calculators are helpful in calculating currency exchange and bills.

Medical travel insurance although not required, is recommended and there are now several travel insurance companies offering this service to travelers going to Ukraine. This type of insurance provides protection to you in the event of a major illness, injury, or death while overseas. The cost of this insurance is between $3.00 and $4.00 per day. This insurance should cover the cost of emergency evacuation from the foreign country back to your home country. Medical treatment while in a foreign country, physician referrals, prescription purchase and delivery, expatriation of remains in the event of death, and more. Check with your current health insurance carrier to understand the nature and extent of the coverage they extend to you as a policyholder traveling to Ukraine. If your health insurance provider does not cover you for travel to Ukraine, they may offer you a rider on your current coverage for an additional fee or you may purchase this coverage separately. Although no one of the following companies is recommended over another, all of the following are reliable travel insurance providers:

International SOS Assistance, 800-523-8930.
Travel Assistance International, 800-821-2828.
Traveler's Emergency Network, 800-275-4836.
Medix Insurance Services, 800-732-5309.
Wallach & Co., 800-237-8615.

If you get into trouble, call the local police. The law in Ukraine does not like when the locals "mess" with the tourists

Perhaps, one of the most important travel tips by all means, is to learn several words in Russian. The Ukrainians, that you come in contact with (the ladies and as well as others) will be impressed and honored that you took the time and made the effort to learn some of their language. Russian is a very difficult language to master and any attempt you make will be respected. There is plenty of sites on the web which you can download simple russian.

Travel Alone?

Some companies will introduce you to the ladies on their site, when you have found the way to their offices. If you have not traveled to Ukraine before, we suggest a Trip Package. This way your safety is assured and our staff will be more than happy to help you with all your requests when in the city. By the way, never, Never allow yourself to be put into an apartment!! The office will introduce you to ladies usually scheduled 1 hour apart. Even if you were to rudely and summarily dismiss a lady, after only a few minutes, you would only have to wait 1 hour to your next meeting. It would not be nice to have ladies waiting in line. What would you do if were interested in the lady you were talking to? Send her home or send the other lady home? At best, without late arrivals and no-shows, you should meet maximum six ladies & day. Remember, on our trips you don't select a wife in 5 minutes. You don't even have to get engaged! You simply select from your ladies you have met, who you want to get to know and, from those, the one or two that remain, start to choose.

"One man private tours" utilize the confidential services of only one agency in one city. has quite a few cities (13), plus our own vast network of ladies, increasing exposure 100-fold! How is it possible to invite 550-1,000 ladies to meet one man? Please, don't be misled. The advantages of a European Connections group tour are overwhelming. Look on our trips page, we offer many levels of trips One should suit you just fine.

If you are going to invest so much time, energy and money, at least give yourself a chance and take a one on one meeting trip. Even a poorly planned and managed trip is better than traveling alone.

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