How do the TRIPS work?

Once you have purchased a Trip/Tour package from (see "Our mission") you'll be required to select one or more beautiful single ladies from our "Gallery of ladies", depending on which trip/tour package you have purchased. When you have selected the required number of ladies, you will place them on your "My Selected Ladies" list. Please list them in the order you would like to meet them. The top of your list will be #1 then #2, etc. We will then ask you to write a short autobiography in which you, are given a format to tell the Lady(s) you have selected, a lot of things about yourself, they would not see in your profile. Tell them about your home, future financial arrangements, your hobbies and what qualities you would like your future companion to possess, etc.

This informative letter will fully introduce you to the Lady(s) of that you have selected. Upon completion of your biography, we do require that you also send at least four photographs of yourself and your everyday surroundings (E.g. a photo of you at work, home, by your car, or with your house pet, etc.) via e-mail. When we receive your letter and photo's at our office we can start the process. At this time your bio will be assigned to one of our staff associates, who will personally contact all the lady(s)s you have requested. The lady(s) will then be asked to come to the office to view your bio and photo(s) to see if there is any interest between you and her. We have found this unique process to be very successful. Every lady that has shown interest in getting to know you better will write you a response letter. If you have not received at least the amount of responses from the Lady(s) (depending on your tour package) to your mailbox, we will continue this process until you have reached your desired amount of ladies from our gallery.

Upon purchase of your tour package, you must contact our office and inform them of which tour package you have chosen, the date(s) of which you plan to travel to Ukraine. We will then arrange for your "Requested Ladies" to set up a private 1 on 1 meeting(s) within your time frame. When you arrive at the airport, you will be given your own personal calendar to see who and when you are meeting! Make your plans today, don't delay your future. Your mate is waiting!

Sample Letter Information

Name:                                            Country:
Address:                                        City:
State:                                            Zip:
Home Telephone:                           Business Telephone:
E-mail Address:                             Fax:
Age:              Date of birth:
Present Marital status:
Personal info?? Height:
              Hair Color:
              Eye Color:
Do you smoke              
Do you drink?

In a few words, please answer each question as best as you can:

1. Have you ever been married?
2. Do you have children? If yes their gender, names and ages. Do they live with you?? Shared custody?
3. Your job or business, how long, location, etc.
4. Your financial status
5. Your hobbies, likes, dislikes
6. With regards to ladies, what are your most important short and long-term goals?
7. Parents cultural background
8. Religion (explain)
9. Describe your typical day.

Tell us about the partner you seek:

1. Age              Height               Weight
2. Color eyes                             Color hair
3. Other physical attributes
4. Other qualities
5. Education
6. Her marital status               Children (yes, no)
7. Hobbies, Activities, etc.
8. Background, religion (explain). Parents culture
9. Please define your idea of a beautiful lady
10.Please define your idea of sexually compatible lady.
11.Sometimes, you never know how physically and sexually attractive a lady can be until you meet her. Would you be willing to meet someone outside of the above parameters?

Other Arrangements:

1. Living arrangements in your country (separate, together).
2. Financial arrangements. Does she have to work? If so full? or part time?
3. What would you expect your wife or fiancee to do (have kids, work, etc)

Please add any other information or comments you may feel relevant to our search:

Please e-mail or fax this form and photos of yourself, with friends, house, boat, etc.

Thank you,




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