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I'm not looking for a man from this or that part of the world, I'm looking for a special Man to come into my life, someone I could give my life and care to... Maybe I simply wasn't lucky to find the right person here in my country, but honestly speaking, men in our country are just another story: generally they are not long term family-oriented, they don't know how to treat women right, many drink a lot, they don't know how to support the family and just "enjoy" the chance to put all the responsibility on women’s shoulders... I don't want to say that all of them are the same, but the main tendency is just like this...

I think life can be full, only when there is someone to share it with, and I'm looking for a man who will understand me, care of me, who will trust me and whom I will trust, who will treat me as a Loving Woman, as a Lady, and if he does this - I will do anything to make him happy, I will always be by his side, I will share all good and bad times with him no matter what happens in life... I'm looking for a loving, caring, fair man to give him everything I have, all the life I possess, all the feelings I have inside... I'm very understanding, loving and affectionate person, and I'm seeking for the same qualities in my future mate, I want him to be family-oriented, with traditional values and serious attitude towards life, marriage and general relationship between a man and a woman. If he was in the company of other ladies I trust he will be faithful and I'll be the one to please him in any way, not some other lady, in public or in private. I'll satisfy his every need.

I know about the stories of the girls making so-called "Marriage for convenience", marrying foreign men just to get citizenship. It seems to me that every country, every nation has good or bad people - on our TV screen they often show programs about foreign men who marry local girls and then force them to work as prostitutes. Is this true? Or it’s not? The only thing I'm sure of - there could be some bad girls marrying men "for convenience" and there could be some foreign men earning money on their spouses, just as there could be girls from Thailand, China., and it seems to me its not fair to make any generalization about it...

I would never consider myself as looking desperately for any man to get married with and to leave my country, of course its not a secret that my country is having financial, economical problems, the level of life is not high here comparing to other countries, but the materialistic side of life will never be a priority for me, I do need to love a person and to feel his love with me, what will be the one and only reason for marriage. I think it is a natural desire for a woman to be always with her man, to feel his presence, his love...

So, what do I want in life...

I simply want to be happy, I want to love my Man and to be loved by him, I want to live all my life together with him, life full of mutual care and support, devotion and faithfulness, understanding and trust, to be there for him no matter what life's darkness casts upon him...

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