What about the age difference?

When you first come to our site and open the gallery of ladies you can see that most of the ladies are young and beautiful. Most of them are of an age range of 20 to 27 years. And of course the reasonable questions can appear "Why such a nice and beautiful girls who look very pretty and who are just in the age for marriage looking for a man abroad? Why are they looking for the one who is probably older and has his own life experience with women and family life? Why doesn't she look for the one in her country?"

The answer on this question is quite complex and multiple-valued. And when you read it you will see that your chances to find a young and beautiful wife here are very high! And you will see that the age difference is your definite plus!

The Ukrainian cultures, due to the period of the isolation and specific ideology that was developed here, influenced our people and made their outlook and morale different from the rest of the world.

Traditionally, in the Ukraine, people get married at a young age (24-25 but its changing) and usually the age of both partners is approximately the same, with maybe a 3-5 year difference. But if we talk about international marriages and the age difference between foreign men and Ukrainian women, we should take into consideration several factors:

First of all, younger men in the West concentrate on their career, and only after age 30 do they start thinking seriously about marriage and a family. Many foreign men of 35-45 say they have never been married or decided to create a family, while in the Ukraine, men, by this age, have been married and divorced (some several times), or are married and have teenage children.
So, the first factor why the Ukrainian girls of 20-25 say they would be interested in men of 35-45 is their understanding that in the West younger men are not ready to create a family.

Secondly, a Ukrainian woman would move to a foreign country where the only person she would rely on, and be supported by,would be her husband. So, Ukrainian women expect more stability, support, and care from older men who are more experienced and who know what women want.

The third factor would be the following: foreign men live active and healthy lifes - they visit gym regularly, mostly do not have bad habits as alcohol, smoking and using drugs, and take care of themselves. So, at the age of 45 they look, feel and act like Ukrainian men look at 30.

At the same time Ukrainian women get serious and mature earlier than women in the West - their life is harder, they have to start working at early age, and often a girl of 18-19 studies and works at the same time to pay for her studies and living. Ukrainian women are more interested in you as a person than they are your age and appearance! They look for the most important qualities such as honesty, reliability and sincerity. Give them that and you will be generously rewarded!

We wish you to find here the lady of your dreams and to be the one she was dreaming about and nothing matters when two loving hearts find each other...


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